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Answers to questions from triathlon beginners and companies can be found here: Use the linked menu to jump directly to the supercategories: Under How to we explain all the processes chronological in picture and text. All registered participants will also automatically receive all competition-relevant detailed information on the respective events in the participant mailings.

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Yes – with the promise “100% Covid Cashback” we assure all registered participants that we will refund 100% of the participation fee in case of a Covid-19 related complete cancellation.

This applies to all registrations regardless of the time of registration.

We assume that we will be able to make a decision on how to proceed in Dieburg by the beginning of 2022 at the latest…

General topics

Really everyone from 16 years (on the event day) ! Actually no special training is necessary.

Not much: a bike, a helmet and a bathing suit or trunks. #related VIDEO

There is no time limit! For the swim, you have at least 20 minutes for 380 meters (2.5 min. per lane – some events have 15 min.). Even if you don’t make it in that time, you get to finish the next events and the race. You can finish your lanes without pressure, the next team may already be on the lane with you. This does not affect the continuation of the triathlon. Your health comes first! #related VIDEO

For a Ten Friends Team Triathlon no special training is necessary. In order to get through the event as safely as possible and with a lot of fun, it is not wrong that you get fit for the race day. How you prepare depends on your current condition and your goals. We are happy to advise you by phone or email!

The minimum age for participation in the Ten Friends Team Triathlon is 16 years (on the day of the event). This is an insurance issue which is why we cannot be accommodating. All younger people have the possibility to participate in our side events or the FitKid events…

We collect all the Lost&Found in the week after the event in the warehouse and then try to allocate it on the basis of your mails and send it within Germany. So please write us an email with your contact details and a description of the item to

The German Triathlon Union concludes contracts with all amateur triathletes competing in the official leagues. These membership contracts prohibit league starters from competing in events that do not pay fees to the German Triathlon Union (or its state associations). We voluntarily take care of the so called “sport legal permits” for our events. As soon as we receive the respective permit numbers, you will find them on the respective city pages. These so-called permits have nothing to do with the legal and insurance-related permits, which we obtain from the regulatory offices of the cities and the regional councils of the states. According to their own statements, the triathlon associations use the so-called fees to promote the sport of triathlon. We also promote the sport of triathlon through our free children’s events (FitKid Swim&Run / FitKid Run), which take place as side events at most Ten Friends Team Triathlons and are 100% free of charge for the children.

Orga & Administration

Yes, the conditions of participation must be signed by you and your parents. These must be handed in on race day when collecting the starting documents. In addition, the Under18 conditions of participation (waiver) must be signed. These will be sent out with sufficient advance notice in our participant mailings for each event.

Here we distinguish in two categories:

LIVE TEAM RESULTS: As soon as the last participant of your team has crossed the finish line, you will find your team time and your ranking under

Of course, these rankings are still shifting, as long as there are still athletes on the courses in your ranking! Exciting, exciting 🙂

Your individual times, the team times and the certificates for each participant can be found in the menu of the respective city under the tab Results. We will also send them to all starters by mail upon request.

The link to the virtual team area was sent by mail to the team captain after registration (together with the invoice). This is an individual link that is different for each team. Feel free to send us an email (with city & team name) to We will send you the link again.

As soon as you have used the team registration, your team will appear in the start list. You will then see when and on which track you will start. You can find the start list in the respective city menu.

See overview of the starting classes.

There are four starter classes, we will race them in separate blocks. This has 3 reasons:

1. you will benefit from a fluid and safe race when athletes of a comparable skill level are on the courses together.

2. we see this as a measure to keep the fun and motivation!

3. we would like to make the event more interesting for you also after your finish and honor the winners of each starter class immediately after the last finish at one of the four award ceremonies.

One starter class = 1 cup/ranking.

Side Events

There are FitKid events at our events in Berlin, Frankfurt and Nuremberg.

In Darmstadt (at all events) we offer a bouncy castle and face painting for the little ones. Here the day is so full with the regular starts that we cannot offer this.

We usually open the registrations 2 months before the respective event. All registered starters will receive an information about this via participant mailing.

Registration & Cancellation

Generel info on registration

(Valid for 2022 for Berlin only) Three payment options are available for team registration: Credit card, Sepa direct debit & invoice (bank transfer). The regular payment term is 4 weeks. If you pay within 2 weeks, you can deduct 3% skonto from the invoice amount.


450 € amount on invoice

– 3% discount

= 436,50 € amount of the bank transfer

Please deduct the 13.50 € independently. No new receipt will be created for this.

We are currently introducing the additional payment method credit card. For 2022, this will initially be available for Berlin. From season 2023 on, the entry fee for each event can also be paid by credit card.

For the individual registration you can not pay by bank transfer (invoice)

If you register a whole team via the team registration, you can also purchase on account (bank transfer / invoice). If we do not receive your payment within three weeks after the invoice has been issued, we will have to delete your team from the starting list in order to free the slot for another team.

Companies that start with at least 4 teams can also request a collective invoice. This should be clarified before the registration process.

Online registration usually closes 2-4 weeks before the event. However, some events are fully booked earlier. In individual cases, teams and individuals can still move up a few days before the event. Please send us a short email to  – in case you are too late.

Huii – quite a lot 😀 In the registration fee for a Friends Event are included, among others, the following services:

  • Triathlon Association Levy (subject to change)
  • Participant gifts (details on registration page)
  • Aid stations with water, cola & fruit
  • Course closures
  • Insurances, rentals, fees
  • Personnel for set-up and
  • course safety
  • Rescue services
  • BIB number and bike sticker

Yes, this possibility exists. However, there is no guarantee that you will get a starting place at the day registration. At the day registration (Saturday 4pm – 7pm and Sunday 8am – 11am) there are only limited conditions available. Give us a call to find out what the registration status is.

Yes, they exist! Please write us an email to

or call us at +49 176 – 821 45 138.

There is the possibility to book exclusive seats incl. catering in the Maintrans team lounge. For 5 teams or more, we will provide you with a collective invoice, reserve lanes or visit you at the company for a question and answer session or a relaxed training session…

Yes, there is! Teams that consist of 90% students will receive a 25% discount on the entry fee – please contact us BEFORE registering your team. There is also the possibility to save the entire entry fee by supporting us as volunteers… best we just call if there is interest in this direction… 0176 821 45 138

Team - Registration

This applies to team registrations: A team always consists of 12 eligible starters. The two slowest times will be eliminated from the team time. All 12 starters are allowed to start, you have to be at least 10 friends to get into the official ranking. Theoretically you can also start with less than 10 friends.

This is to make the planning easier for the team captains and to make sure that at least 10 friends will start or finish the race even if there is a cancellation. With a complete team registration the saving (depending on the time of registration) is between 25€ and 55€ compared to the individual registration. You pay for 10, but get 12.

This applies to team registrations: A team always consists of 12 eligible starters. 10 of them must finish in order for the team to participate in the official ranking. Always 1 athlete will be paid (2 will be on the house). We do not only set the virtual team area to 10+2, but also all other planning and requirements (area in the transition area, timing, participant gifts, etc…) We hope you understand the connections and also that we unfortunately cannot make exceptions here. With numbers of participants of up to 4000 we have to keep certain standards to be able to offer the same conditions for all.

Sure!!! Just write us an email. Please note that name changes (team name) are possible until 4 weeks before the start.

No – just get started. You can use the team registration now and have 90 minutes before the start to enter the names of your friends via the virtual team area.

You can also use the individual registration. This has two functions: Function 1: You can fill a team with friends bit by bit. Each participant then uses the single registration by himself and enters the name of your team in the corresponding field. If everyone enters the same team name, you will end up in the same team. If you only manage to have 5 friends in your team, we will look for 5 new friends (after consulting with you). You will not be separated in any case! Function 2: You can be randomly assigned to a team in your performance class.

Yes – everyone who registers is allowed to start! If some of your friends drop out at short notice, we will check whether we can fill up the team with individual registrations. Please use the corresponding form field in your virtual team area to request the replenishment. If this is not possible, you will be allowed to start even with 8 friends. Your team will then not be officially scored, your time will of course be measured and you will also receive a certificate of participation. If you have paid for 10 places and would like to start with 8 friends, you can do this. The filling up is only a service! Because we have to plan the transition area and the starting documents, it is not possible to start with more than 12 friends in one team. A team consists of 12 eligible starters. The fastest 10 times will be included in the overall team time.

Attention: During the competition only one timing chip is allowed per team member! If we catch someone with more than one chip, the whole team will be disqualified due to unauthorized taking advantage.

If your team captain uses the team registration, an access to the virtual team area will be created. The access will be sent automatically with the confirmation email. The team captain can log in there with his chosen username (and password) and enter the names of the starters in the team. He should do this as early as possible so that all friends receive the important participant info by mail. Changes are possible free of charge until one day before the race! If you use the single registration you will not get access to the team area, because everyone has already entered the data.

Individual - Registration

You don’t necessarily have to gather your team yourself. You can use the Individual Registration function to register on your own and we will find new friends for you! In this way, groups of friends have already been formed, who now meet again every year and spend a nice time together. But most of the time it is easier and faster to get a group together with the “good old” friends 😀.

Yes, of course it is possible! About the individual registration you can select the function collect team. We will then not tear you apart and find the right friends for you to complete the team of 10!?

Cancellation - pass on starting place

you can find an overview on the page REGISTER.

For team registrations: You can pass on your starting place to someone else free of charge (up to 24 hours before the event). This can be done by your team captain via the team area. It is important that the current conditions of participation, signed by all friends, are handed in on race day.

For individual registrations: You can pass on your starting place to someone else free of charge up to 2 weeks before the event. Please just send an email to

No, such an insurance is not concluded by our side. However, you can pass on the starting place (with a team registration) to a friend free of charge until you pick up the starting documents. Your team captain simply has to exchange the names in the virtual team area. Single registrants can pass on the starting place free of charge until 14 days before the race day, after that a handling fee of 5€ will be charged.

Of course – Via the team area the team captain can make changes free of charge, i.e. change names. This is possible until 24 hours before the event. It is important that the team captain hands in the current conditions of participation signed by all when picking up the starting documents (on race day). The conditions of participation will be sent to all participants by mail 2 weeks before the event. If you have used the individual registration, please let us know at least two weeks before the race day who should use your starting place instead of you. For changes received after the deadlines, we have to charge an administration fee of 5€.

It’s a pity that you can’t start! Cancellations will be made according to the cancellation policy. Please write us a short email to Please write us the email from the address you registered with or forward us your registration confirmation so that we can correctly assign the process.

Race (day)

In generel

That’s easy! Fully registered teams will be on the start list immediately after registration. You can find this list in the menu of the respective city. Here you will also find the time and course. For individual registrations: As soon as we have received 10 registrations under a desired team name, we will put the team on the start list and inform all members by mail. (Depending on the number of registrations, there may be slight changes in the late start times. We will discuss this with you).

Good question! You will find out the exact schedule a few weeks before the event in the race briefing. For every Ten Friends Team Triathlon the following applies: Pick up of the starting documents about 90 minutes before the start.

Everything and nothing. Be prepared for a casual day at the pool with friends and family. Food and drinks are available at the pool. Many companies also book places in the Maintrans team lounge. We will send you the offers for this with the participant mailings. Glass is prohibited in the pool area.

The starting documents consist of the timing chips (incl. neoprene strap), race numbers, safety pins, bike stickers and participant gifts. You will receive them one day before the event (see schedule) and on race day (see schedule) in the registration tent at the swimming pool. Only the team captain should have picked up the documents at least 60 minutes before the race. You then put the bike stickers on your bikes and go to the transition area to check in.

One after the other – before and after the race you can use the changing facilities of the swimming pool. During the race there is one changing tent (3x3m) for women and one for men in the transition area. However, this is always connected with a detour, because first it goes to the bike to get the things and then to the tent and back to the bike. Most people change directly in the transition area at their bike…

No- this is strictly prohibited as it can lead to a competitive advantage. Example: If the fastest person was running with two or three chips, then two or three times would be recorded, which would be included in the team result. If we catch someone with more than one chip in active competition, the entire team will be disqualified retroactively. Please stay fair and remember that we will be evaluating many pictures, videos and logs from our course marshals and referees after the event 😉.

The timing chip is to be worn on the left ankle. Please pay attention to that.

During the race it is elementary that you can talk and react to each other – especially when cycling. Also we from the organizing team must have a possibility to communicate with you as an athlete at any time, if necessary. Therefore it is not allowed to listen to music during the race.

We will have plenty of rescue staff and volunteers positioned on the sections – all will be there for you if you need help. You can also lie down in the shade for half an hour and then finish the race – no problem, being there is everything!

Food & drink supply

Of course! During a Ten Friends Team Triathlon event you will pass an aid station 4 to 6 times. During the race you will get water, coke and bananas. Directly after your finish you will get fruit and water at the aid station.

In addition, here again an explanation why it is not useful to offer food at some places.

Yes, of course, as long as they are transported in containers that cannot break and shatter. In short: glass is forbidden

Transition area

The bike check-in always takes place on the respective race day. If you have already picked up your starting documents on Saturday (see schedule), you can go directly to the transition area and check in (and do not have to go to registration beforehand). The check-in will be done per team. So please gather beforehand and do this together. We recommend 60 minutes before the start.

Yes, by experienced security personnel. We control that only athletes enter the transition area. However, we cannot be held responsible for theft or damage. We do not move your bikes. So far, no bike has been stolen 😉


No, there is no obligation to wear a bathing cap. Please do it the way it is most comfortable for you.

Swimming aids such as paddles or fins are not permitted for safety reasons. The only exception is that snorkels may be used in the “Dream Dancer” classification.

No, both breaststroke and freestyle are possible. In the “Dream Dancer” classification, almost 70% swim breaststroke.

Is the question serious… 😉 The answer is NO. Not only does the neo not make sense, it is dangerous in a heated tank.


Nooo! For starters, a bike that just rides is enough. A so-called “Holland bike” with which you ride to the station in the morning is quite sufficient.

It just has to guarantee a fair competition and be safe:

  • It must have two wheels and be powered only by your muscle power.
  • It must have a front brake and a rear brake.
  • The front wheels must be spoked (conventional or low-spoke plastic).
  • Any attachments must be positioned to prevent injury in the event of an accident.

Yes, no helmet – no competition!

No, sorry, it is currently not possible for us to offer such a service. Some participants use the rental bikes from DB or similar offers.

There is no drafting ban at the Ten Friends Team Triathlon. It is a team event for beginners. Therefore, the sports regulations of the DTU do not apply, our events nevertheless receive the so-called “sport legal approvals” of the triathlon state associations.

We think tandems are super cool because they transport the spirit of the Ten Friends events very nicely. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the use of tandems, because the bike routes with partly tighter curves are not suitable for tandems. The use of a tandem would increase the risk of accidents for all participants, tandems are therefore prohibited.

E-bikes are only allowed if the battery is not mounted. The bike may only be moved forward with your own muscle power. Stay fair!


The poles are not forbidden according to the regulations. They may therefore be used with pleasure 🙂