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team events & enthusiasm since 2014

team events & enthusiasm since 2014

team events & enthusiasm since 2014

Our passion

is to create team events and experiences that are fun, release energy and bring people together. We believe that everyone, no matter how old, big or small can be a valuable part of a team and should experience our wonderful triathlon spectacle. We believe that joy, exercise and shared experiences make life worth living and are the universal foundation for happiness, contentment and health. In the end, we can’t take anything with us to the other side, except the memories of the great times spent together with our friends and family!

I usually use the "we" form here.

I (Henning) would now like to consciously switch to the “I” form. So it is possible for me to thank the terrific organizer team and to explain the background: I have been working in the sports event industry for almost 20 years and am an enthusiastic athlete myself (triathlon, running, soccer, surfing). From August 2004 to May 2014 I was an employee of the Ironman Germany GmbH. I gathered my first experience in the division of warehousing and logistics, where I was able to understand the requirements of large sporting events, such as the Ironman European Championship.

Since 2006

I was responsible as “Director Run Courses” for more than 25 run courses of European Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events. In total, I have been involved in more than 50 major European events in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and just as many press conferences and seminars, as well as various sport travels and side events. I quit my job in May 2014 to found sportwärts UG. “wärts” is like the second part of the word “forward”. So the meaning is similar to “forward to sports”. My last job position was race director. Currently, I am the managing director and the only permanent employee of sportwärts.

I am happy

because I get to work with a professional team that shares my passion for the Ten Friends Team Triathlon events and the demand for good work. I’m thankful because working with family and friends doesn’t feel like work most of the time and I’m looking forward to creating and sharing many more beautiful experiences together with the girls and guys in the pictures! There are not all team members on the pictures, this does not mean that they were forgotten: Thanks for the support from the Technisches Hilfswerk, the rescue services, the many helper clubs and groups, Hubert von easy, Hugo, Dieter, Sandra, Domi from S.O.S., Catrin, Angie, and the Nürnberg Connection around Manu & Reine from Nürnberg Bad & Jacky, Manu, Tim & many, many more…